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Shopping in Anandpur Sahib

Anandpur Sahib is a famous tourist spot in the Roper district of Punjab. It being a famous place of tourism for people from all over the country. There are several shops that have been set up to meet the daily need as well as meet other requirements such as garments, electronic appliances and so on.

Jewellery Shops in Anandpur Sahib

Shops in Anandpur-Sahib
Jewellery Shop

The jewellery shop mentioned below stores large variety of exclusive jewellery. Gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewellery can be purchased from here. Apart from this shops there are several other shops too which can be visited when planning to buy any jewellery in precious metals.

Satpal Jewellers
Address: Anandpur Sahib, Ropar - 140118, Main Bazar, Near State Bank of Patiala, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9815373530, 9316477503/ + (91)-1887-232130

Gift Shops in Anandpur Sahib

Visit gift shops in Anandpur Sahib to buy range of gift items to suit any occasion. From lovely cards to toys and other items one can find all and more in this part of Punjab. Some of the shops are listed below for reference.

Jagtar Collection
Address: Shop No-3-4, Nai Abadi, Anandpur Sahib, Ropar - 140118, Opp Shri Anandpur Sahib Model School, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9915143343

Sunder Glass & Gift House
Address: Ropar Ho, Ropar - 140001, Main Bazar, Anandpur Sahib, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9814796900, 9781187300/ + (91)-1881-233001

Furniture Showrooms in Anandpur Sahib

The furniture showrooms in Anandpur Sahib Stores large variety of furniture such as wardrobe in different size, bed, tables, storage boxes, shoe racks, sofa, sofa cum bed and so on. They even have the provision of making the furniture for you if you can provide them with the design that is there in your mind. Here is the list of popular furniture shops in the city that can be approached for buying any furniture:

Dhiman Furniture House
Address: Ropar Nagal Road, Anandpur Sahib, Ropar - 140118, Near Lucky Dhaba, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9872633120, 9872033120

Shri Vishwakarma Wood Workshop
Address: Shop No.22,23, Old Pudda Pathar Market, Anandpur Sahib, Ropar - 140118
Phone No: + (91)-9779416226, 9417557320

Home Appliances in Anandpur Sahib

For buying any electronic gadgets that is going to simplify your life such as micro oven, induction cooker, greaser, washing machine, lights, T.V, fridge and the likes you can visit any of the electronic appliances store mentioned below. Such stores have large variety and appliances of different company are stored at one place from where you can choose the one that suit your needs and preference.

Angra Electronic
Address: Anandpur Sahib, Ropar - 140118, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-8008140808

Saini Electronics
Address: Bhalan, Anandpur Sahib, Ropar – 140118, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9872014370

Baba Balak Nath Electronics
Address: Anandpur Sahib, Ropar – 140118, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9417146996

Shri Guru Nanak Electronics
Address: Jhajj Chowk, Anandpur Sahib, Ropar – 140118, punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9417189830

Talwar Electronics
Address: Shop No 15, New Shoping Complex, Anandpur Sahib, Ropar – 140118, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9518872331

Dinesh Electronics
Address: Vill Nurpur Bedi, Anandpur Sahib, Ropar – 140118, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9417331326

Rinku Electronics
Address: Anandpur Sahib, Ropar – 140118, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9217915054

Cosmetics Dealers in Anandpur Sahib

For keeping ourselves beautiful it is important that we take care of our skin and body properly. The cosmetics shops can be visited to buy cosmetics such as body lotion, face packs, massage creams, shampoos etc which helps us to take care of our body and enhance our looks. The list of cosmetic shops in Anandpur Sahib selling different cosmetics items can be found as below:

Anjali General Store
Address: Near Police Chowki Nai Abadi, Anandpur Shaib, Ropar – 140118, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9592711375, 9357262952

Sharma General Store
Address: Anandpur Sahib, Ropar - 140118, Ravidass Chownk , Main Bazaar, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9876271671, 9888832246

Footwear Stores in Anandpur Sahib

It is very important to own good pair of shoes. Now a days for different occasions people tend to buy different pair of shoes. When planning to buy one, you can visit any of the shops as mentioned below.

Preet Boot House

Address: S No. 23, Anandpur Sahib, Ropar - 140118, Kaligidhar Mkt , Anandpur Sahib, Punjab
Phone No: + (91)-9041113063, 7696809018, 8146276272

Ganda Shoes Store
Address: Main Bazar, Anandpur Sahib, Punjab 140118
Phone No: 099154 40029

Rinku Shoe Palace
Address: Court Road, Anandpur Sahib 140118, Punjab, India

Arora Shoe Palace
Address: Anandpur Sahib 140118, Punjab, India

Shopping in Anandpur Sahib is a good experience. You will get goods of all price range and you can buy one that suits your budget and preference. Also, some of the shops such as furniture shops, electronic appliances shops comes with the option of home delivery too.

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